How we do it

Methodical Engineering Approach

Our Process:

  • Measure
    • Do you know how much potential business you are loosing online today?
    • Do you know how many customers are searching for your products and services?
    • What % of your customers would buy your products or services directly online?
    • What % of them visit the site, but never purchase?
    • What is the average time they are spending on the web site?
    • How effectively are your customers finding what they are looking for?
    • What % of customers know within 3 seconds the value you provide?
    • Where are the biggest customers from? Who are they, and where are they?
    • How effective has your marketing offline and online been to date?
    • Do you know your cost per acquisition measurement?
    • What % of total sales come from Free Marketing?
    • What % of total sales come from Paid Marketing?
    • What % of your profits are going into operational costs that can be automated?
    • Do you know your close rates?
    • Do you know your bounce rates?
    • What % of customers purchase during their first visit?
    • What % of customers come back to purchase again?
    • What % of customers know relative to your competitors that you also provide a solution?
    • How many of your potential customers know you even exists?
  • Refine
    • We deploy technology and marketing to directly affect the measurement we baseline for your business
    • Website analysis and general website optimization
    • Keyword targeted website optimization and marketing
    • Online marketing campaign management
  • Repeat
    • Constantly improving your business online based on exact measurements
    • Real revenue and profit results you can see and feel !

We make business GO !